We offer three types of boarding currently. For all boarding types, horses must be up to date on all shots and vaccines and have all current paperwork with them, including Cogins.

We border the National Forest here and have several different trails that lead straight off our property onto the National Forest trails. You can ride for an hour or all day! There is a state of the art barn and riding arena as well (pictures to come). We are happy to work with each individual to work out a schedule that works best for your horse(s). Call for more information!

Pasture Board
Pasture boarding is pretty much what it sounds like; boarding the horse in a pasture only. This is how all of our horses that are used for trail rides and lessons are kept and it is the more low maintenance of the different types. The costs vary depending on how many horses you plan to board at a time.

Stall Board

We currently have a few stalls open for boarding. Horses are kept in stalls and can be turned out to pasture during the day depending on the owners’ requests. Prices vary depending on turn out schedule, number of horses and any additional special requests.

Vacation Board
We also offer temporary boarding for those that would like to bring their horses up on vacation with them to take advantage of all the amazing National Forest trails located within minutes of the barn. Prices vary depending on length of stay and type of boarding.